Eparchial Chronicle
28/04/1996 Snehagiri Sisters started their first House at Parekanny.
04/03/1996 Minor Seminary of CST Congregation was blessed and inagurated by His Excellency the Bishop at Kothamangalam.
24/02/1996 The foundation stone was laid by His Excellency the Bishop for the Spirituality Centre at Adimaly.
05/01/1996 Syro-Malabar Bishop's Synod at Rome with Ad Limina meeting of His Excellency the Bishop with the Holy Father.
31/12/1995 His Excellency, the Bishop inagurated the Diocesean programme connected with the Great Jubilee of Jesus' Birth at the Cathedral.
25/08/1995 Foundation stone laid by His Excellency at Kattamudi, Adimali for the Tribal School.
15/07/1995 Nirmala Computer Academy, Muvattupuzha is inagurated.
07/04/1995 His Excellency the Bishop appionted with official dress 150 sisters as extdra-ordinary ministers of Eucharist.
04/04/1995 Archbishop Abraham Kattumana, Papal Delegate is expired.
19/01/1995 Sanjobhavan(Priest home) at Muthalakodam was blessed.
22/12/1994 A rehabilitation centre for the handicapped children was inagurated and blessed at Assisi Convent,Vazhappilly.
24/08/1994 Fr.John Kattrukudiyil from Kadavoor is nominated as Bishop of Diphu Diocese.
19/07/1994 The CST Brothers started their ITC at Njarukutti,Muthalakodam.
30/06/1994 The Corporate Educational Agency,Kothamangalam started to publish a bullettin.
25/05/1994 Golden Jubilee celebration of CBCI is officiated.
03/05/1994 Rev.Msgr.Thomas Malekudy was appointed as the Vicar General.
03/05/1994 Rt.Rev.Msgr.George Edathotty was relieved from the office of the Vicar General.
06/02/1994 Centenary celebration of Carmelite convent at Arakuzha is inagurated.
22/11/1993 His Excellency the Bishop inagurated the training programme of Home Nurses(Gruhalakshmi) sponsored by the Diocesean Social Service Society.
16/07/1993 School for the mentally retarded started at Machiplavu(Adimali) by CMC sisters.
10/07/1993 Sreyas Counselling Centre started at Jeevajyothi, Muvattupuzha
20/05/1993 The Installation ceremony of Major Archbishop His Eminenence Antony Cardinal Padiyara took place at St.Mary's Basilica, Ernakulam.
17/04/1993 His Excellency the Bishop inaugurated the convocation at Thorpramkudy to hand over 533 houses constructed under the supervision of the Diocesan Social Service Society.
29/01/1993 Syro-Malabar Church is raised to the status of Major Arcjo-Episcopal Church. His Eminence Antony Cardinal Padiyara is made the Major Archbishop. Mar Abraham Kattumana is appointed as the Papal Delegate with the power of Major Archbishop.
13/09/1992 The Pontifical Commission headed by Archbishop Most Rev.Dr.Thomas Whightvisitedmthe Diocesan Centre and was given a warm welcome.
18/06/1992 The Statutes of the Presbyteral Council was promulgated in the light of the new Oriental Code(CCEO).
23/04/1992 His Excellency the Bishop blessed and dedicated the Grotto of Immaculate Heart of Mary in the courtyard of Bishop's House.
19/03/1992 His Excellency the Bishop laid the foundation stone for the Priests Home at Muthalakodam.
27/11/1991 Mar Ephrem's Theological study centre for the Novices and Postulants of all religious congregation in the diocese,attached to the S.H.Provincial House,was blessed by His Excellency the Bishop.
04/11/1991 Consecrating the Chapel of S.D.Provincial House, His Excellency inagurated the new building of the Provincial House at Kozhippilly.
15/05/1991 Kerala Catholic Bible Society's Membership Day was inagurated in the diocese by His Excellency the Bishop.
13/05/1991 His Excellency the Bishop blessed and inagurated the first house of D.S.T. Sisters at Karimpan.
23/09/1990 Ad Limina meeting of His Excellency the Bishop with the Holy Father.
23/09/1990 The blessing and inaguration of the School for the deaf and dumb at Vazhappilly run by Assissi sisters.
01/08/1990 An orphanage for women is blessed in Ezhukumvayal.
03/07/1990 His Excellency the Bishop inagurated the diocesean programme for Evangelization -2000 at Cathedral.
26/01/1990 Mochana a prayer and counselling therapy centre for drug addicts at Karakunnam inagurated.
01/12/1989 Girideepam Health Centre at Karimpan is blessed and inagurated.
25/07/1989 Torrential rains and hurricane hit major portion of the High Range causing widespread destruction of houses and crops.The Diocese undertakes massive relief work.
07/01/1989 Silver Jubilee Celebration of CML,and reception to His Eminence Antony Cardinal Padiyara at Kothamangalam.
29/05/1988 Mar Antony Padiyara,Archbishop of Ernakulam is announed Cardinal.
15/08/1987 Noviate House for the Sisters of Destitute at Kothamangalam blessed.
06/08/1987 Reception in the diocese to H.E.Card.Lourdsamy, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.
14/06/1987 School for the mentally retarded started at Muvattupuzha by the FCC Sisters.
20/02/1987 His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Parekattil died at Ernakulam.
06/02/1987 Blessing of the newly built Post-Graduate Block at Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha.